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Coronado Motel

Coronado Motel is an Accommodation in Fort Sumner NM. Get directions and contact details of this local accommodation near 309 West Sumner Avenue Fort Sumner.

For those accustomed to life on the road, it's essential to remember that each accommodation has its unique policies. Prior to your stay, make an effort to understand with the regulations of the place you're staying.

To ensure a smooth stay, we've compiled some general advice when you're at a hotel:

  • Don't forget to know when you can check in and out.
  • To stay safe, secure your valuables in the room's safe.
  • When in a new city, talk to the hotel staff for travel tips.
  • Always examine for bed bugs when you first enter your room.
  • ...

As you travel, always be alert. Every trip is a chance to explore, understand, and take pleasure in. Cherish every second, but never compromise on safety.

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309 West Sumner Avenue, Fort Sumner, NM, 88119

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